FAQs for Your Assistance

If you have any confusion, check our FAQs to find the answer.


You can delete your review by visiting your profile. Other than this, your review will not be deleted unless it goes against our policy standards.

No, we don’t charge anyone to post or read reviews from our website.

If a business forces you to delete a review, you must contact us, and we will take care of the rest.

Yes, you are allowed to edit the review. In many cases, the company resolves the customer's issue, so in that case, you can “update” the review. The original version will also be shown along with the new one. If you think you have made some mistake in writing the review, you can edit it, and the original version will be overwritten.

You can go to your dashboard and find the review you want to delete. Click on the delete button below the review and confirm the deletion.

You can delete your profile by visiting the profile setting page. You will find the delete your account paragraph there. If you have faced any issues, we suggest you contact our team; otherwise, click on the “Delete Account” button, and we’ll remove your account.

You should list your company on the website because it is beneficial for your business in many ways. You will be able to know in which areas you are working efficiently and where you are lacking. It can help you in learning and making your business better. You can also use the reviews to gain the trust of your potential clients.

You are not allowed to delete the review of any customer. If you feel like it is against the policy, report it to us, and we’ll look into the matter.

Yes, you can respond to a review and offer your solution in case of a negative experience or thank the customer for praising you.

Yes, we appreciate you asking your customers to post reviews on our website. But make sure that you only ask them to post about their genuine experience. If we find out that you have forced someone to write a positive review, we will take serious action.

No, you should never offer a special discount, coupon, or another thing in return for a review because it only causes biased opinions. If we find out that you have offered something in return for a review, we will take serious action.

No, we don’t accept money or any other offer to delete the review. If you feel like the review is against our policy standards, you can report it to us, and we’ll look into the matter.

No, it is strictly not allowed to offer anything to the reviewer to get the negative review removed from our platform. If you have solved the issue, you can ask the individual to update the review while mentioning that you have provided your assistance. However, it is not permissible to offer something, especially in return for updating the review. Even after getting the issue resolved, it is still up to the reviewer to update the review.

Yes, you can post a public reply to a review. We highly encourage you to post the reply publicly so that other reviewers would see that you notice the reviews and are concerned about the customers' issues.

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