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Mandy is great! I've only been using it properly for a month and have already secured a week long production job! Highly recommend - great for starting out in the industry.

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Contacted them a few time via email, facebook and instagram anout account deactivation, still have not received a response for over a week. What the hell do you have to do to get your photos removed?!

Reply from Mandy Published 7 minutes ago


We thank you for reaching out to us. Regarding your ongoing problem, we have our staff working on the issue as we speak. I have personally checked the status of the services and it will take a few days until the problem is completely resolved. However, once it is done, you can resume using our services.
We thank you for your patience while we improve our products and services.


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I took a break from the industry for a few years and just filled out my new profile on Back when I was in film school and after, it was the go-to place for industry jobs and was very helpful at finding quality productions. From what I can tell so far, the searches appear to have good results and are user friendly. It promises to still be a very valuable resource. I'm looking forward to landing some jobs again.

5.00/5.00 Verified Review

Mandy really has great potential to connect industry professionals to top projects! Every day I see new opportunities that are so worth it! 10/10 I'll be a lifetime member :)

3.00/5.00 Verified Review

Better than star now, not as good as spotlight. Helpful for finding low pay work for experience and CV building. Watch out though, the vetting process isn't as strict as it should be and some pay rates are awful and some jobs are clearly trying to take advantage of young women. In short it's better than no work and if you're not getting stuff through Spotlight or you are without an agent.


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